Body Rites explores notions of masculinity and social violence in a concrete urban landscape through contemporary dance and movement language. The dancers' surreal journey captures the power of the body and mind in enabling us to transcend and liberate ourselves. Body Rites has been featured and picked up by BFI Black Star Season, BFI Future Film Festival, GIF: Girls In Film, Encounters Short Film Festival and Borrego Springs Film Festival.

Naomi Berrio-Allen is a London-based self-taught filmmaker and director. She was part of the first BBC Young Artists' Collective, a new creative agency creating original arts-strand content for younger, emerging audiences, and is a member of a brand new film platform for BAME filmmakers: POC: People of Colours. Interested in music videos, documentaries and short form, her work focuses on visually-charged films exploring contemporary dance and movement language as well as masculinity and social class identities.

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