Chisenhale Gallery

Chisenhale Gallery is located in east London and commissions and produces contemporary art supporting artists to pursue new directions and make their most ambitious work to date. The gallery has an award-winning 34-year history as one of London’s most innovative forums for contemporary art and operates alternately as an exhibition hall, production agency, research centre and community resource. Chisenhale Gallery is a registered charity and one of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisations.

As part of the STOP PLAY RECORD programme, Chisenhale Gallery are working with six young people to produce new short films. Through a series of talks and workshops held at the gallery, participants gain access to a range of expert-led activities and the opportunities to meet peers and exchange ideas. STOP PLAY RECORD forms part of Chisenhale Gallery's Education programme, which includes exhibition-related talks and events, workshops for young people and artist presentations at local secondary schools. All projects position the gallery as a local resource where people are provided with opportunities to experience contemporary art through the agency of artists.

Films created by Chisenhale Gallery for STOP PLAY RECORD