Institute of Contemporary Arts

STOP PLAY RECORD was formed as part of a joint initiative set up between Arts Council England and Channel 4, which saw the Institute of Contemporary Arts become the designated Random Acts Network Centre for London and one of five Networks across England. The ICA leads the London Network in partnership with five other partner organisations across London, with each partner responsible for a portion of the 24 films that are delivered each year. All completed films have the chance to be featured as part of the Channel 4 Random Acts series on TV or online.

The ICA is the executive producer for six STOP PLAY RECORD films per year and is responsible for the overall delivery of 24 films each year to the Arts Council and Channel 4. It also leads on the main activity of the STOP PLAY RECORD programme of workshops, talks and masterclasses which take place each month.

Founded in 1946, the Institute of Contemporary Arts is a membership institute that promotes and encourages an understanding of radical art and culture. Through a vibrant programme of exhibitions, films, talks and events, the ICA examines recent impulses in artistic production while stimulating debate surrounding the arts. With its critically-acclaimed Exhibition and Film programme, as well as its Off-Site and Touring strands, the ICA continues to engage new generations of artists and audiences alike.

Films created by the ICA for STOP PLAY RECORD