Opening with a quote from Franz Kafka's bureaucratic labyrinth The Castle, Nosophoros depicts a bike courier's inability to evade the pillars of any institution - the Great British Jobsworth.

Redirected from one uniform to another, each unable to make sense of her own attire and mistaking her for a waitress from a catering company, Ţânţar’s messenger bag becomes a Sisyphus-like rock, the contents of which is never quite made clear, like the strain of an anglophone ear, unable to comprehend her name - even for a second time. 

The suits fail to get the message. 

Hannah Ford is a filmmaker whose work is often minimalist and satirical: her short film Terry’s Last Intern (2014) won Underwire's Best Under 25 Award, was nominated for Best Woman Director at London Short Film Festival and selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries, alongside The  Menu.

She has also made work especially for Daata Editions, Opening Titles and the group show Isolation Chamber Vacation, which toured Transition Gallery in 2016 and Worthing Museum & Art Gallery in 2017.

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