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Independent organisations need independent funding. The ICA has currently close to half a million visitors annually. Now, imagine if only 1000 (0.2%) of those were to join as Red Member: that would generate an additional £200,000 to support our program. Or, if only 2% of our annual visitors were to join, that would generate an additional staggering £2,000,000, enabling us to commission more new works, stage more live performances and concerts, produce more plays, and support independent filmmakers and artists working in film. 

Joining the ICA as a Red Member is the most direct way to support new ideas, new works and independent minds. Above all, it keeps the ICA’s voice truly independent.

Red Members enjoy free access to every aspect of our programmes: Exhibitions, Films, Talks, Plays, Concerts and Performances, including 25% off on all Editions, 10% off on all purchases from our Bookstore as well as 10% off on all food and drinks from Rochelle Canteen all for a monthly membership contribution of £16.66. 

£16.66 monthly Direct Debit (or £200 one-off payment)*

● Free ticket to all regular Cinema screenings 
● Free ticket to all talks, concerts, performances, plays and lectures 
● Day Membership for you and a guest 
● Invitation to Red Member Exhibition Previews 
● Invitation to special Red Member events 
● Biannual Members’ Assembly 
● Limited number of free tickets available for preview screenings, Q&As and special Cinema events 
● Priority booking for Cinema preview screenings, premieres, Q&As and special Cinema events 
● 25% off all ICA Editions 
● 10% off all purchases from the Bookstore 
● 10% off at ICA Rochelle Canteen 

* Minimum 12-month membership commitment